The play was performed by the Theatre for the blind and visually impaired "New Life".

The play "Yesterday I remembered the blue" in Belgrade

The play "Yesterday I remembered the blue" was performed by the Theatre for the blind and visually impaired "New Life" from Zagreb on May 13 on the big stage of the Cultural Institution Vuk in Belgrade within the "Artšverca" Baraka Cultural Center.

The scene where the actor Vojin Perić addressed the boy (wearing when he was a boy and had a vision), a text in which he promises to have a life without sight that will love and be loved in order to write songs that will love on the the top most honest (najemocionalnijih) texts of contemporary theater. For him and the whole show the Belgrade audience can be thankful actors Diani Biondić Suzana Bliznec, Milenko Zeki, Vojin Peric, Loris Pilav, which they made to the world beyond the vision.

Theater of the blind and visually impaired "New Life" began his artistic journey in distant 1948. With the play "Mother." Standing ensemble consists of 12 blind and visually impaired actors, but increasingly in our acting and performances by professional actors.

As they point out the specificities of our documentary show just yesterday I thought of the blue, written and directed by Petra Radin, inspired by the lives of the actors, and in 2016 they decided to adapt “Damned Yard” by Ivo Andric.

Everything is organized with the support of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation during the week Festival of Solidarity to help the Belgrade public display this artwork.

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation celebrates 10 years of its work and as part of this anniversary is organizing a series of events titled "Celebrating solidarity". We want to encourage solidarity by providing our fellow citizens across Serbia variety of free programs and activities tailored to different generations and interests of the citizens of Serbia. The project is supported by the EU through the program Europe for Citizens.