About the Project:

From the moment of escalation of refugee crisis, in August 2015, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, one of the first private humanitarian organizations and foundations in Serbia, started its activities on providing and delivering aid to refugees from Middle East that were passing to Serbia on their way to European Union.

All activities of Divac Foundation were conducted in cooperation with relevant Government institutions such as Commissariat for Refugees and Migrations of Republic of Serbia and Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Policy of Republic of Serbia, Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia, local governments the most affected by the refugee crisis.


In a year, till October 2016, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation raised, thanks to the support of international humanitarian organizations, bilateral donors, companies and individuals over 3,000,000 dollars for the refugee aid activities. There were provided and distributed 300 tons of humanitarian aid for more than 300.000 Middle East refugees.

 In addition to providing humanitarian aid, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation provided temporarily housing units for urgent accommodation of the extremely vulnerable individuals. Since the beginning of the crisis at least 50.000 refugees have been accommodated in those units for some period of time. Within the Refugee Aid Project were improved conditions in the largest Asylum center in Serbia through reconstruction of 1000m2 of housing space which provided long term accommodation for 400 refugees that in accordance with international standards. Within the project, in addition to providing necessary humanitarian help, Divac Foundation created and implemented different kind of social and occupational activities so the refugees and migrants staying longer in asylum centers were able to learn new skills (tailoring and IT workshops).

Besides providing direct humanitarian aid to refugees and migrants, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation started providing support to the local communities (7 municipalities where transit and asylum centers) most affected by refugee crisis in order to strengthen their capacities to respond in this and every other crisis situation.


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