The activities "Celebrating Diversity" which started in June 2019, aims to strengthen the community and create a common space for refugees and local population in Serbia, with fewer prejudices and more understanding and cooperation.

The "Celebrating Diversity" activities are being implemented in Šid and Obrenovac until the end of August 2019, with the aim to include as many local residents as well as refugees from reception centers in these towns in attending planned sports activities as well as eco workshops. We also want to invite the media to raise awareness of communion and empathy when it comes to refugee population, through media events and the "Live Books" concept.

The goal of "Live Books" is to reduce the challenges faced by migrant and local populations, and to create a common space for communication and the exchange of experiences. With people as books, we want to raise the awareness of the domicile population of the experiences of migrants, their needs and desires.

The activities "Celebrating Diversity" are implemented by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation in cooperation with Oxfam as part of the European Union Support to Migration Management in the Republic of Serbia.

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