One of the four Foundation strategic areas is Development of Philanthropy, through which we want to encourage solidarity and spirit of unity in our society.  Philanthropy in Serbia has a long and rich tradition but during the period of transition, especially over the years of economic crisis, it was necessary to encourage and nourish its resources.

In addition to, as a member of Serbian Philanthropy Forum (that gathers foundations, organizations and companies interested in philantropy development in Serbia), Foundation is working on raising awareness on importance of the topic.
The term philanthropy has its origins in Greek words “philos” (meaning: friends) and “anthropos” (meaning: human) and describes a goodwill towards mankind and charity to the common good. In Serbian language it is often translated as benefaction or the love of humanity.
Through the series of activities initiated and conducted from the very beginning, the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac has encouraged development of both individual and corporate philanthropy in Serbia. Individual philanthropy implies individual donations of citizens to charity while corporate philanthropy presents donations to charity from private business sector. Various activities are directed towards development of social awareness and promotion of giving among citizens of Serbia as well as of socially responsible behavior of private business sector. Numerous donators, individual and corporate, have participated in initiatives of Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and significantly contributed to the achieved results.



The Foundation projects have been funded with the help of 650.000 individuals, 670 companies and 82 organizations.







individuals which have supported the foundation


companies which have supported the foundation


organizations which have supported the foundation

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