By using this website your are accepting the terms and conditions outlined below. The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation reserves the right to make changes to these Terms without prior notice.

Communication with users

Our communication with site visitors and customers takes place through electronic mail or notices that we publish on this site.

Privacy Statement

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundationis obliged to respect the confidentiality of information provided by our donors and site visitors.

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation collects only required, basic customer/donor information in accordance with good business practices for puposes of providing high-quality customer service. We respect a buyer’s/donor’s choice to be removed from our mailing lists and any future marketing communication. All information on customers / donors is strictly confidential and available only to the employees who need access to such information necessary to perform their functions. All Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation employees are obliged to follow privacy protection principles.

Additionally, we gather, analyze and process certain types of information about our users by tracking purchases, as well as, site pages they visit and donate to. We use this information to simplify and improve our site performance and appearance, provide better information and easier donation and purchasing options.

We are committed to protecting your privacy by not using or disclosing your personal information for any other purpose.

All purchases or donations made on our siteare performed directly through our card processor Banca Intesa and all credit data is encrypted and guaranteed secure. Credit card data is not made available to our system at any time and, therefore, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation cannot be held responsible for any fraudulent use of such information.

Intellectual property

The content displayed on this site such as text, graphic images, logos, video and audio clips, design, button icons, banners and software are the property of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and can not be used or reproduced without prior written consent from the Foundation.

Business hours

Online donations can be made at 24 hours a day, 7 days a week except during scheduled or special maintenance periods or periods of technical difficulties. In this case we will make every effort to notify users in advance.

Web Content Changes (updates)
The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation reserves the right to discontinue, change or update any information on its website at any time without prior notice.

Donation Terms

The website operates in accordance with the Law on Electronic Commerce and all other applicable laws and regulations of the Republic of Serbia.
Detailed conditions of purchase are listed in the following text. Please familiarize yourself with them before making a purchase:


When donating you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Fill out registration information
  2. Enter the amount of your donation
  3. Information Review
  4. Donation confirmation

1. Registration
When filling in the donation form you need to enter your personal data and email address. After registration is completed you will be prompted to login to by entering your email address (username) in order to update remaining data.

2. Donation Amount
Enter the amount you wish to donate into the “Amount” field. The minimum amount is 1,000.00RSD.

3. Order Review and Confirmation
Before confirming your order, check the accuracy of all order details: donation amount and donor information.


The Foundation supports the following payment methods:

- Credit Card (online payment)
If you have a Visa or MasterCard credit card approved by the issuing bank for online payment, select this payment method. Once your order is confirmed you will be redirected to the Banca Intesa Beograd website. Enter the necessary payment data for credit card payment completion. If the transaction is successful you will be redirected to our site with notification that payment has been successfully completed. If payment is not successful, you will be redirected to our site with information about the failed payment upon which you may choose to re-submit the existing payment or select another payment method.

For security reasons, your credit card data is only available to Banca Intensa Beograd through which the payment is processed. Payments made via the Banca Intesa site are protected and secure.

Online Payment Security

Online credit card payment information is submitted through the Banca Intesa page which is secure and protected (encrypted) using SSL protocol and PKI, which are currently the most modern technologies. Safety of the data during the purchase is guaranteed by the payment processor Banca Intesa ad Belgrade, Serbia. The payment process is completely at the pages of the Bank. The credit card data are not available to our system at all.


Complaints concerning online donation are possible in the following cases:
1. Misuse of the card;
2. Incorrectly entered amount (more zeros, etc..).

Complaints should be sent by e-mail confirmation of the transaction to [email protected] together with  scanned and signed refund request in free form with contact information stating the reason of complaint. The sender will be contacted, and the funds returned within 10 days after the established contact. The funds are returned to the account that is linked to the credit card that made ​​the donation.

Requests can be sent by post to: Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Ilije Garasanina 53a/7, 11000 Belgrade, and should contain all elements and requirements as e-mail.


In case of return of funds to the donor who has previously paid by any of the
payment cards, in part or in full, regardless of the reason for the return, Foundation "Ana and Vlade Divac" is obliged to refund done solely via VISA, EC / MC and Maestro payment methods, which means that the bank will request the seller to do recovery funds to the account of the cardholder.


Conversion statement

All payments will be effected in Serbian currency - dinar (RSD). The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in foreign currency into Serbian dinar according to the current exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original amount stated in our web site

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