Small Help for a Great Postman

An employment changes every man's life.

However, there are few people whose employment changes other people's lives.

One of these people is Philip Filipovic, a thirty-year-old postman from Kursumlijska Banja whose humanity, ideas and endeavors were written about not only by Serbian, but also the world's media.

From the moment when he got employed in summer 2011, Philip changed or at least enriched lives of families to whom - by his job description - he should only bring letters, packages and pensions.

At the very beginning of his working years, Philip thoroughly renovated the post office building in his town: he did the plaster work, painted it, put up signs, renewed the staircase, installed flower boxes, and two years later, he even added a fountain in front of the building. Using his own funds, he arranged the interior to - he painted the walls, the floor, repaired the windows, placed benches, curtains, pictures ...

However, Philip was not spending much time in this renovated post office building. He was visiting the most remote homes on his scooter, carrying them not only postal items but also food and medications.



A short time after, his attention was drawn by the school in Kursumlijska Banja, and the pupils some of whom walked for miles to school and had no electricity or water at home. With his own income he bought backpacks, notebooks, crayons, felt pens and - with the help from donors - he enabled some of them to visit Krusevac and Jagodina for the first time.

For Christmas 2013, Philip sat in a tractor and toured villages covered by snow, and distributed gifts to the children from poor families. Just at that time, nine children moved into a classroom he had renovated and equipped with computers, new benches and furniture. In the meantime, he renewed the school's field toilets, and during the summer, he made a playground for pupils.

Before last celebration of the New Year, with the help of "Ana and Vlade Divac" Foundation, Philip brought food packages and firewood to 66 families in his region, and made 35 children happy by giving them warm winter jackets and boots, as well as New Year gifts.

Currently, 170 families from Kursumlija's neighboring villages lack basic foodstuffs, and children have no clothes, or toys.

They only receive help from postman Philip, and now he needs help too.

You can help make their Christmas brighter, and the beginning of a new year a beautiful surprise.

We want - with your help - to make children who live near Kursumlija happy by giving them things so ordinary for other children, and which they can not have, such as toys, jackets, boots, school supplies, and candies.

We are not asking for much.

We're looking for a little help for the great postman Philip and all those who are eagerly awaiting him this year.


Click here to help Phillip make little ones happy.

Click here for tax-deductable donations from the USA via PayPal.

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