Every fourth entrepreneur in Serbia is less than 30 years old .
Although the youth unemployment rate is in decline, one-fifth of young people is looking for job for over a year.

At today held round table “Youth participation in the economy of Serbia” the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation presented results of the research “YOUTH INDEX PARTICIPATION” realized within the project “YOUTH BANK HUB OF THE WESTERN BALKAN AND TURKY” which is realized in Serbia by financial support of European Commission.

The main results of the research are the facts that every 4th entrepreneur and every 17th company owner are less than 30 years old, the fact that the unemployment rate is in decline for 8% during last four years but also the worrying fact that one quarter of the citizens of this age are economically excluded (they are unemployed, they are not at any school program).

The results of this research presented Mihailo Karić, public policy researcher, and their opinion, experience and work on this subject have presented Miloš Đuričanin, representative of Serbian association of managers, Vladimir Radovanović, representative of Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Siniša Čađo, representative of American agency for international development (USAID).

How it looks to be a young entrepreneur in Serbia we heard from Miloš Vasić from Blace, which owns a catering business in this place, and which is member of the Divac Youth Fund of Blace.

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