Thanks to the support of over 18,500 individual donors, 125 companies, 25 municipalities and 40 local and international partners, the Foundation helped 50,000 people last year with the total value of $ 2.2 million.

Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac celebrated a Really Important 12th birthday!

"When we talk about the Foundation, I cannot find words to say thank you to people who have been with me and Ana from day one. After 12 years, this is no longer just the Foundation of Ana and Vlade Divac, but the national foundation of all of us. I am proud to say, wherever I am in the world, that we have taken care of and helped a lot of people, enabled children to make their dreams come true," said Vlade Divac, among other things, addressing to the guests.

We are recognized for our work in the field of humanitarian aid and emergency support. Eight families received a new home, 100 scholarships were awarded to the best high school students from vulnerable groups and more than 2,000 food and clothing packages were distributed.

In addition, the Foundation has empowered and supported more than 20 organizations that help migrants in our country, young people, single mothers and other vulnerable groups at the local level.

Through the Social Café, 4,000 migrants participated in educational and cultural activities in the centers in Krnjača and Obrenovac. In the project "We can do this as well", with the help of our 2000 fellow citizens and migrants, 15 playgrounds were renovated and 20 workshops for children, parents and persons with disabilities were organized.

Employment, especially among young people, continues to be one of the biggest challenges in Serbia. Through our agricultural projects, 80 agricultural holdings have begun, developed or renewed their own businesses or agricultural production while 95 attendants passed through the IT Bootcamp School.

The young people are always in the focus of the Foundation and our task is to make them grow up in a better way. Together with partners, 10 kindergartens and schools for children with developmental disabilities have been renewed.

Gender equality and economic empowerment of women is one of our priorities. We cooperated with over 85 companies in order to create better conditions in the labor market for women.

Since it was founded, the Foundation has been dedicated to the development of philanthropic infrastructure. Together with our partners, we established the Coalition for Charity, and in cooperation with the Cabinet of Prime Minister Ana Brnabić, we founded the Philanthropy Council.

In addition to presenting the results of the Foundation for the past year, the Foundation Director Ana Koeshall added: "You must have wondered why today's cocktail bears the name Really Important. Today we launched the Really Important Card - an innovative loyalty program that is important for everyone - for citizens, for companies and for the local community. "

For the fourth year in a row, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation awards philanthropy and personal contribution for the benefit of people in Serbia.

This year, the award goes to Anka Jakšić Erne and her husband David who for six years have been helping the poorest of families throughout Serbia, Kosovo and Metohija and Republika Srpska. It is a unique example that someone who has never even been in Kuršumlijska Banja or in some of its 9 villages has decided to help all 170 households with 500 inhabitants.

Through these and many other projects, only in the past two years, Mrs. Anka Jakšić Erne and her husband have provided help to 389 families throughout Serbia.

"Despite all the problems and disputed points around us, it's important that we turn to the right values and positive examples and inspire others as a Foundation. Thank you all for being with us in this, and by supporting the Really Important Card, you also support people who need help," said Ana Divac, one of the founders of the Foundation. 

The ceremony was attended by media representatives, donors, friends, ambassadors and partners, and besides addressing the founder and the director of the Foundation, Sara Mozafari - the Foundation scholarship holder played the violin for the audience, as well as the Rock Camp for Girls. The host of the ceremony was actor Vladimir Aleksić.

We want to thank our longtime friends and donors. We enjoyed the wines of Kovačević Winery, G3Spirits this time provided great prosecco cocktails, and there were also friends from Zlatiborac whose delicious snacks we have enjoyed for the long time on the birthdays of the Divac Foundation. Coca-Cola Hellenic has the best way to refresh, and for those who want to share a toast, there was quality brandy of the distillery Zarić.
Our friends from Prosound are professionals for sound and without them we can hardly imagine conferences and festivities.

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