Students selected for the „MGI/Complete Genomics – Dr Rade Drmanac" Scholarship for the 2023/24 academic year

The scholarship award committee announces the final ranking of the students for the "MGI/Complete Genomics - Dr. Rade Drmanac" scholarship for the 2023/24 academic year. A total of 43 applications were received, and a total of 22 scholarships were awarded.


The right to a scholarship was granted to students who are enrolling for the first time in first, second or third degree academic studies in October 2023:

1. For students of the 4th year of BA studies, in the monthly amount of 80 USD,

2. For students of the 1st year of MA studies, in the monthly amount of 100 USD,

3. For students of the 1st, 2nd or 3rd year of PhD studies, in the monthly amount of 120 USD.

The assessment of each received application was done according to pre-established criteria and scoring scale, published on the Foundation's website as part of the Competition.

The final list of selected students (in alphabetic order):

Name Municipality Faculty
Aleksandra Mesaroš Požarevac Faculty of Biology 
Anastasija Ninković Valjevo Faculty of Biology 
Atina Kačar Beograd Faculty of Biology 
Dunja Pavlovic Beograd Faculty of Biology 
Dušan Lazić Niš Faculty of Biology 
Emilija Vićentić Šabac Faculty of Biology 
Iva Maričić Mladenovac Faculty of Biology 
Ivana Simeunović Ljubovija Faculty of Biology 
Jelena Rulić Mionica Faculty of Biology 
Jovana Kostić Leskovac Faculty of Biology 
Katarina Milošević Čačak Faculty of Mathematics
Kristina Majstorović Ljig Faculty of Biology 
Marija Marković Aleksandrovac Faculty of Mathematics
Marija Nedeljković Novi Pazar Faculty of Biology 
Marija Nedeljković Kraljevo School of Electrical Engineering
Marko Savić Zemun Faculty of Mathematics
Marko Šišović Voždovac School of Electrical Engineering
Milanka Lović Beograd School of Electrical Engineering
Milica Stefanović Šabac Faculty of Biology 
Milica Tošić Užice Faculty of Mathematics
Nikola Stanojević Beograd School of Electrical Engineering
Vasilije Todorović Mladenovac Faculty of Mathematics


*Complete Genomics is a global life science company offering a comprehensive advanced NGS sequencing product portfolio and lab automation. Complete Genomics takes pride in its ability to develop and manufacture a full spectrum of instruments, ranging from low to extra-high throughput genetic sequencers, accelerating scientific breakthroughs.

Complete Genomics, based in San Jose, California, is now part of MGI, an international life science company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Complete Genomics is the headquarters of MGI Americas and has been a research and development center of excellence since June 2005. Complete Genomics has a demo lab in San Jose, California, with all the sequencers and lab automation equipment for customers to visit and is the supply center for the Americas so that it can deliver its systems and products in a timely manner.

Dr Radoje (Rade) Drmanac is one of the founders of the field of Genomics and a serial inventor including the process of massively parallel sequencing (MPS) using DNA nanoarrays. He co-founded Complete Genomics in 2005 in Silicon Valley for efficient genome sequencing using DNBSEQ, the most advanced MPS technology (Science 2010, Nature 2012, Genome Research 2015, Genome Research 2019 ;). CoolMPS is his latest invention where base-specific antibodies read DNA sequences (BioRxiv 2020).

Dr Drmanac now serves as CSO of MGI and Complete Genomics, the first to sequence human genome for sub $100 in 2023. Earlier, he co-founded Hyseq (1994) to discover novel genes, was a group leader at Argonne National Labs (1991-1994) within the human genome project (HGP), and postdoc (1989-1990) in ICRF (London). He started his career at the Center for Genetic Engineering (now IMGGI) in Serbia (1982-1988) where he invented MPS. He received Ph.D. 1988 in Molecular Biology at Belgrade University for the first MPS technology (Science 1993, Scientia Yugoslavia 1990, Genomics 1989).


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