Apply and become a member of the Youth Fund

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation invites all interested young people from the municipalities of Obrenovac, Prokuplje, Zaječar, Vlasotince and Vladičin Han to apply to become members of the board of the local Youth Fund.

Your role will be to manage the program of youth funds based on defined priorities and needs of young people, which also includes deciding on financing and support of informal youth groups in your community. 

Youth Funds

Within in the framework of the German development cooperation project “Perspectives for Young People in Rural Areas in Serbiai”, implemented by GIZ in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism and Youth, Youth Funds are supported in selected municipalities: Obrenovac, Prokuplje, Zaječar, Vlasotince and Vladičin Han. During the previous year, a total of 63 youth projects from these five local governments were supported. 

The “Youth Funds” project is implemented with the aim of increasing the participation of young people in local development processes, through the allocation of non-reimbursable funds to projects initiated and led by young people.

  • Are you between 18 and 30 years old? If you belong to one of the sensitive groups, such as young people from rural communities, women, Roma and returnees, the upper age limit is 40 years.
  • Have you done anything for the youth in your community so far?
  • Can you recognize the needs of young people in your city/municipality?
  • Do you want to voluntarily contribute to the work of the Youth Fund for at least one year after becoming a member of the board?

The deadline for applications is August 21, 2023.

You can see more about the competition HERE

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