The new season of the NEIZDRŽ podcast begins broadcasting

On Tuesday, August 8, 2023, we will begin broadcasting a new cycle of the NEIZDRŽ podcast.

What is the unbearable force which  makes our guests deal with the media, why media literacy is important, how to create constructive narratives, as well as what is the position of young people working in the media, you will be able to learn in  five episodes of the new podcast NEIZDRZ every second Tuesday at 7pm.

Interviews are led by Marija Jovanović.

  • The guest of the first episode of this year’s podcast “Neizdrz” is Nemanja Marinović, sociologist, activist, executive editor of the Zoomer youth portal, who will tell us about youth portals.

What is the position of young people working in the media today? In what context are youth’s problems reported? What is the position of youth portals on the media scene? What is the recommendation for young people who want to work professionally in the media industry?

The answers to these questions will be heard in EPISODE 1, August 8 at 7 p.m 

  • The guest of the second episode of the “Neizdrz” podcast is Aleksandar Đokić, journalist and communications specialist, project assistant in the Institute for Media and Diversity in the Western Balkans, journalist on the Fake News Tragač portal.

What is the importance of media literacy for young people? Why is it important to recognize fake news? How critically do we observe content in the media? How to protect yourself on the internet?

You will hear the answers to these questions in EPISODE 2, August 22 at 7p.m

  • The guest of the third episode of this year’s podcast “Neizdrz” is the artist and singer Ana Đurić Konstrakta, with whom we discuss gender-based violence in the digital sphere and its consequences, as well as the Bodyright campaign. 

One of the reasons why we are talking about these topics is that Konstrukta is part of the Bodyright campaign launched by the United Nations Population Fund. The Bodyright campaign was created in accordance with  the global campaign, which is implemented in Serbia in cooperation with the Office of the Commissioner for the Protection of Equality under the slogan “Your body is yours! Both online and in the real world!”

WATCH EPISODE 3 on September 5th at 7p.m

  • In the fourth episode of the “Neizdrz” podcast, we talk with Nataša Niškanović, journalist, feminist, activist, and media trainer.

With Nataša, we talk about the topics of representation of women in the media, the creation of constructive narratives, especially positive narratives, and the creation of engaged media campaigns. 

WATCH EPISODE 4 on September 19 at 7p.m

  • In the fifth episode of the “Neizdrz” podcast, we talk with Minja Bogavac and Ana Ninković about the Reflector theater play “Girls”.

Minja Bogavac is a playwright, theater director, activist and worker in culture and on the internet who works with, and for young people. Ana Ninković is an activist, a feminist and one of the actresses in this play.

What topics does the play “Girls” deal with and why? What is the perception of women in literature and what are the stereotypes that are constantly repeated? Why is it important to talk about these topics?

You will hear the answers to these questions in EPISODE 5, October 3 at 7p.m

You can find all episodes HERE

The program is implemented within the regional initiative “Youth 4 Inclusion, Equality and Trust” implemented by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and UNFPA Serbia in cooperation with UNDP Serbia, UNESCO and UN Women, with the financial support of the UN Secretary General Peacebuilding Fund.

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