Competition for awarding scholarships to students for the 2023/2024 school year

Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation is announcing a competition for awarding scholarships to excellent students who enroll in the first, second, third, or fourth year of high school in 2023 on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, under predetermined conditions.




Students who enroll in September of 2023, in grades I, II, III or IV of secondary school founded by the Republic of Serbia, an autonomous province or a local self-government unit, and who achieve excellent results in learning and behavior (at least 4.50 the last three school years). Candidates from vulnerable social groups (economically disadvantaged families, single-parent families, refugee and displaced families, persons with disabilities, children/parents with chronic diseases, etc.) will have an advantage when being awarded the scholarship.




When applying for the scholarship, the candidate must submit the following mandatory documents:


  1. Application form (downloaded from the Foundation website)
  2. Certificate of the student’s success in previous schooling (copy certificates for the last three years of schooling)
  3. Certificate of achievements in competitions (copy of diplomas, etc.)
  4. Certificate of average monthly income per member of the student’s family (certificate of the employer on the amount of net income for the last 3 months, pensions certificate, or certificate of national employment services for unemployed parents/guardians)
  5. Printed data from the electronic ID card or a photocopy of the parents’/guardians ID card

Additional documentation:

Candidates from sensitive social groups, in addition to the above-mentioned documents, also submit documentation proving:

  • Disability of the child/parent (medical documentation)
  • War veteran invalid (certificate)
  • Single-parent family status (birth certificates of the parents, copies of the court verdict on the independent exercise of parents rights, i.e. death certificate or other document which proves that one parent alone takes care of the child, etc.)
  • Tenant status of the family (copy of the contract with the landlord) and other documents
  • Confirmation of the refugee status of both or one parent/guardian (copy of refugee ID card or confirmation from the Commissariat for Refugees and Displaced Persons)
  • Certificate of volunteering, if the student volunteered in an institution or organization
  • Other relevant documents

Submitted tender documents will not be returned.




The competition will be open from July 3, 2023 until 11.08.2023 at 5p.m. Applications should be submitted to the address of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Ilije Garašanina 53a, 11000 Belgrade with the indication “For Students Scholarships”.

Untimely and incomplete competition documents will not be considered.

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation will not reject applications from candidates who already received scholarships from other sources (municipal, state scholarships, etc.), except in the case of students who receive a scholarship for exceptionally gifted students from the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia.

All additional information can be obtained at [email protected].




The order of candidates for the award of a student scholarship is determined based on:

  1. Success achieved in previous schooling, namely:
    1. General success for the last three years of schooling - expressed by the number of points equal to the general success (from 4.50 to 5 points for each school year, maximum 15)
    2. Awards at competitions and sports competitions (5 points national, 4 points regional, 3 points municipal competitions, with only one point being awarded, the best result)
    3. Voluntary and socially beneficial work (1 point)
  2. The socio-economic status of the family is expressed by the number of points for the average total monthly income per member of the student’s family for the last 3 months of the current year, namely:
    1. No income (5 points)
    2. Below the average monthly income for the Republic of Serbia according to the data of the Bureau of Statistic (3 points)
    3. Illness of a child/family member (3-5 points)
    4. Other socio-economic conditions - tenant status, collective housing, refugee status, victims of domestic violence, etc. (1-3 points)

Candidates are ranked according to the total number of points achieved on all the above stated criteria for the award of the student scholarship. The ranking is based on the submitted documentation.





The application with the necessary competition documentation must be submitted to Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Ilije Garašanina 53a, 11000 Belgrade by August 11, 2023. The committee reviews the applications and determines the final ranking list of candidates, which is published on the Foundation’s website.


Based on the decision to award the scholarship, the student’s parent/guardian concludes a scholarship contract with the Foundation, which regulates the rights and obligations related to the use of the scholarship.


The scholarship is paid on a monthly basis and is awarded without the obligation to repay. The student who is selected for the scholarship will be obligated to volunteer at least 4 hours per month, about which he/she will regularly inform the Foundation in writing.

The payment of the approved scholarship to the recipient of the student scholarship is suspended in case of inaccurately displayed data, dropping out of regular education or discontinuation of payment by the donor.




The student is granted payment of scholarship for a period of 10 months, during the school year, in equal monthly installments of 10,000 dinars.


Annex 1 - Application form

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