Nine Schools Across Serbia are Receiving Modern Equipment Worth 3.1 million dinars

As part of the project “Education for the Digital Economy” that is being implemented by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and the NCR Foundation, in cooperation with the Center for the Promotion of Science, nine high schools across Serbia have been selected to receive equipment for the maintenance of modern teaching and extracurricular activities in STEM in the coming months.

Thanks to donations worth 3.1 million dinars, more than 5.000 students in schools in Novi Pazar, Subotica, Požarevac, Pirot, Zemun, Ruski Krstur, Pančevo, Kraljevo and Belgrade will have access to a better education in the field of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“As part of the competition, we received 124 high-quality applications from high schools all over Serbia, and this time the committee decided on a larger number of professional schools that will use the equipment for practical teaching in their daily work, unlike in previous years when the equipment was mainly to general and technical schools,” said Jelena Rakić, project manager from the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation.

3D printers, along with additional equipment, will be given to the Textile and Leather Design school in Novi Pazarm and the Air Force Academy in Belgrade, which will use the equipment so that students can gain practical experience in creating physical models that theydesign and model. The Pirot Technical School will receive virtual glasses, as well as programming sets. The Agricultural School being the home of student „Sonja Marinković“ from Požarevac will receive data loggers who will be involved in a large number of professional subjects in the agricultural, food and veterinary professions, while the Chemistry and Technological School from Subotica will get a research assistant for thew newly opened educational profile - technician for operational forensics. The school forvisually impaired students “Veljko Ramadanović” from Zemun will receive equipment that will be used to work with blind and partially sighted students, and the Ruski Krstur high school will receive audio-visual equipment that will help students aquire basic knowledge and skills in the field of theater disciplines, media, film, various visual-audio forms, video games and the internet. The Technical School “23. Maj” will receive a “total station” for solving field tasks in geology, while the Kraljevo Forestry School will receive modern microscopes that will be utilized in the subject of biology, forest botany, anatomy, and properties of wood, pedology with geology ichthyology and decorative dendrology.

In addition to the procurement of the mentioned equipment, part of the “Education for the Digital Economy” project includes science camps and caravans to improve students’ knowledge and their interests in STEM disciplines. Also, 120 participants who want to take the first step towards the IT world will have the opportunity to complete a free training course within the non-profit IT Bootcamp school.

By providing modern school equipment, improving the skills of teacher, informing, motivating and guiding students towards STEM disciplines, as well as free re-training, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and the NCR Foundation will help students acquire the skills that are necessary for future professions and to functionally apply this knowledge during further education and professional development.



Naziv Škole




Škola za dizajn tekstila i kože Novi Pazar


Novi Pazar


Hemijsko-Tehnička škola




Škola za učenike oštećenog vida „Veljko Ramadanović“




Poljoprivredna Škola sa domom učenika „Sonja Marinković“




Tehnička škola Pirot




Srednja Škola Ruski Krstur


Ruski Krstur


Tehničla Škola „23. maj“




Šumarska Škola Kraljevo




Vazduhoplovna akademija




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