Improved Water Supply for the Residents of Kuršumlijska Banja

More than 60 households, i.e. over 100 inhabitants, in Kuršumlijska Banja now have improved and regular water supply thanks to the reservoir that was built with the help of a donation from the Ana and Vlada Divac Foundation.

Until recently, these households depended on a water pump that was connected to a well and operated 24 hours a day, which inevitably resulted in high electricity bills. With frequent pump failures and expensive repairs, families were left without water for months.

With the donation of the Ana and Vlada Divac Foundation in partnership with LDSC, a water reservoir with a capacity of 12,000 liters of water was built, which allows the pump to only replenish the required water in the tank. This saves the pump itself because it will work only when needed, and the residents will have a constant supply of water and a significant reduction in electricity costs.

The reservoir is built on elevated ground, on the land of one of the villagers who donated it to the local community, which allows the water to have a natural fall.

"With this donation, we ensured sustainable water supply, reduced electricity bills and a better quality of life for more than 60 families," said Ana Koeshall, Director of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, during the visit to Kuršumlijska Banja.

The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has been supporting the local population of Kuršumlijska Banja for more than six years through the purchases of greenhouses, livestock, stables, house reconstruction, food and clothing, and many other forms of assistance that ensure a decent life for the local population, which consists mainly of elderly people and families with small children.

For almost 17 years, the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has been dedicatedly helping the poorest families throughout Serbia through donations for the reconstruction or construction of houses, and the purchase of other necessities. So far, with the help of the Ana and Vlada Divac Foundation, more than 750 families across Serbia have received a roof over their heads. In addition to humanitarian aid and the promotion of philanthropy, the Foundation also successfully manages community support projects as well as projects aimed at the economic empowerment of vulnerable groups and the promotion of employment.

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