Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation - The best known foundation in Serbia

The majority of citizens of Serbia understand philanthropy as the humanitarian aid and economic support to the poor and sick people, not as a long term investment in welfare of the community, as revealed by the research conducted by the Balkan Community Initiatives Fund (BCIF). On the other side, companies have complictly different idea about the essence of the philanthropy.They give more importance to the investments in other areas,although humanitarian aid still dominates in their philanthropic  activities.



This search was conducted by the Ipsos Strategic Marketing agency during  November and December 2012,and the research consisted of a questionnaire and a focus group.

Both citizens and companies agree that the current state of philanthropy is unsatisfaying, and as reasons for this they point out poverty,social apathy and lack of confidence in those who raise funds, that is in action initiators . Companies point out the need of stronger support to the philanthropic initiatives provided by the State, by the opening of an office for cooperation in the field of philanthropy and tax reliefs that would stimulate companies' doantions. Most of the citizens, 72 percent of them, think that there is not enough doantions for the general good, and 90 percent of them feel that philanthropy is not stimulated enough, shows the research. The citizens' motivation to help is almost allways of emotional nature, and they usually donate to humanitarian purposes when they see disturbing media reports about sick children and similar problems, said Svetlana Logar, the director of  research  in Ipsos.

The research also showed that citizens do not know much about  civic society organisations and foundations.

The best known foundation to the examenees is the „Ana and Vlade Divac foundation“, and the best known philanthropic activity is „Battle for the babies“, carried out by the B 92 found.83 % of examenees heard of this action, and 29% of them spontaneously pointed out this action as an example.

Both citizens and companies who participated in this research, see media as key players in raising confidence rate towards actions of donating. Citizens resented the media that they do not follow the action through the end ,because,“ if they give money they would want to know what happened with it“. Companies objected  that media allways point out the bad side , instead of good examples of philanthropic actions.


The complete Reaserch can be found here (in Serbian)

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