Let’s surprise children from single-parent families together!

Together with the famous postman Filip Filipovic from Kuršumlija, Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has began the New Year’s humanitarian support to the most vulnerable households in the vicinity of Kursumlija and Kuršumlijska Banja (South Serbia). With generous support from the donor Anka Erne, we have provided 66 food parcels to the elderly and other vulnerable rural households, as well as the necessary firewood. Winter jackets, warm boots and New Year's gifts will soon arrive to 35 children living in the remote villages of the area.

All children and adults from the Divac Foundation, generous Filip Filipovic and Anka Erne, invites you to think of others and bring joy to someone this holiday season!

We are inviting you to join our initiative and help us to buy New Year's gifts, food, jackets and boots for children from from single-parent families.

We all love surprises! Let’s surprise those children together!

Let’s surprise children from single-parent families together!

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