Solidarity Festival in Palić


Solidarity Festival was held within the Family Days on Palić on Sunday, July 22, 2018. On this occasion, civil society organizations, which continually work on the quality of life and solving the problems of the local population in the municipality of Subotica, presented various workshops, cultural, sports and ecological activities.

Crveni krst Subotice held first aid demonstration, Udruženje za pomoć osobama sa autizmom grada Subotica was making medallions, cookies and organized small sports workshops, while the Centar lokalne demokratije - LDA Subotica held ecological workshops, Olovka piše SRCEM made promotional windmills, and Udruženje za podršku osobama sa psihofizičkim smetnjama ZaJedno, whose goal is to improve the position of persons with disabilities, was doing open-air workshops with its users.

"Our project Kuća iza duge is financed by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation within the “Možeš i ti” competition and we jointly promoted the local community and included the citizens in all the activities. The "Summer Classroom" is set up in the yard, which is very important because the association has been holding the Summer School for Children for five years already.  Parents can leave their children there from 9 am to 3 pm every day on weekends so they can have an active summer break with various workshops that are mostly held in the Summer classroom", said Suzana Skenderović, president of the Gradsko udruženje “Autizam” which is helping people with autism.

Beneficiaries of the reception center for migrants and refugees in Subotica participated in all the activities.

A large number of people are involved in fulfillment of all activities, which is an added value to the local community.

Silvija Patarčić, Coordinator of the Centar lokalne demokratije - LDA Subotica said: “The project “Lokalna inicijativa - prostor za solidarnost” aims at improving the local community, through the regulation of public space, while creating the opportunity for promoting solidarity, raising awareness and empowering the citizens, especially young people towards the migrant population. The project idea, as well as the implementation of the activities, is carried out by a group of young associates of the Center for Local Democracy, which shows the added value of this program, which provides the opportunity for young people to be actors of positive changes in their local communities."

“We are pleased that we supported 5 local projects in Subotica, resolved some of the local problems and included a large number of migrants and refugees in some of the activities that will benefit the entire community. Promoting solidarity is one of the key values of Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and we will support our partners in Subotica, as well as Sid and Presevo in promoting solidarity during the project and after closing the project”, said Igor Halasevic, Local Community Leader in Subotica.

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The “Support to local communities affected by high transit migration in Serbia” project is implemented by Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation and supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations.

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