Please chechk CORRIGENDUM No: 1 to Guidelines for applicants published on Jan 31, 2018 for information about new deadline for applications (February 9th,2018 4 pm CET)

“Youth Bank Hub for Western Balkans and Turkey” (YBH for WBT) - is an open network established by the five organisations: Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation for Serbia, NVO “Prima” for Montenegro, “Mladiinfo” for FYR of Macedonia, “Partners Albania for Change and Development” for Albania, and TOG Foundation for Turkey.

The organisations serve as national network hubs, and later 15 CSOs which will be the selected from the call for proposal will join the network. The CSO which will be selected from this call for proposal will increase their capacities through the training program and mentoring for the first 6 months and in the follow up of 12 month financial support will be provided for CSOs to implement their advocacy initiatives working towards social, economic and political inclusion of young women and men.

CSOs joining the network, in a later phase, will be part of a study trip in Serbia visiting local municipalities in order to gain first-hand knowledge of the functioning of the youth bank model. During the study visit, there will be a formal admission of the 15 CSOs to the YBH for WBT network.

The total duration of the Programme is 18 months (6 months for the training and mentoring support and 12 months of financial support). CSOs are required to submit applications for a timeline of 12 months.

The grant and the training program will be implemented through 4 main steps: 


STEP 1: Submission of work plan with detail budget


CSOs which are selected from the applications will become members of YBH for WBT network and since they will work together as a joint advocacy network for youth participation through different advocacy initiatives, may be required to revise/refine their Work Plans and budget for the 12 months of the financial support as part of the negotiation process. The capacity building trainings delivered to CSOs in the first six months will build and strengthen capacities for the programmatic and administrative requirement of the program, and thus help CSOs to revise/ refine their Work Plans and budget accordingly if needed.


STEP 2: Training programme:


The training program will contribute in the development and strengthening of the CSOs capacities to prepare, develop and advocate for own policy initiatives and to perform other work related to increasing the social, political and economic inclusion of the youth. The selected organizations will appoint two to three staff to participate in the training program covering 5 three-day trainings module in the first six months. The sessions will be held in national languages. In order to be eligible for the financial support, the participation of CSOs in the training program is obligatory. The cost of participation in the training program is organized and covered financially by the YBH for WBT network.


The training program will cover the following modules:


Module 1.  Strategic planning, project implementation and administration,

Module 2.  Development of policy and legislation, research skills and methodology and policy paper writing,

Module 3.  Advocacy skills, strategic networking and partnership-building,

Module 4.  Communication/visibility skills and

Module 5.  Youth bank model and knowledge-sharing (training of trainers) on the implementation of the youth bank model


STEP 3: Award of grants, Contract signature


After approval of work plan with budget and training component, grants will be awarded in May 2018. Contract signature and start of the work plan implementation is planned from June 2018. The implementation should end in June 2019. The grant will award 15 grants in total, three grants in each country. Duration of awarded grant is 12 months.

Forms for narrative and financial reporting will be provided to awarded organizations at the time of the Contract signature. Provisional narrative and budget proposals forms are presented by Annex I and Annex II and can be downloaded from the following website


STEP 4: Implementation of work plans


Following the participation of CSOs in the training programme, CSOs will receive the financial and mentoring support from the network in order to develop and advocate for their own policy initiatives. The mentoring support will include regular monthly mentoring sessions of the youth CSOs representatives with the national hubs (one-day meetings), in the course of development of their policy initiatives, and in the course of its implementation.

During the first half of the 12 months, the CSOs will analyze the situation pertaining to youth’s social, economic and political inclusion in their local communities/regions, map the obstacles and, with the mentoring guidance of the national hubs, develop policy recommendations on how to address the pinpointed problems. At the end of the 12-months period, each national hub will prepare “follow up recommendations” for the 15 CSOs, with measures and advice regarding their further policy-related work and organizational sustainability.



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