The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation has started the realization of the “Celebrating solidarity” project, which is, with the support of „Europe for Citizens Programme“ of the European Union, conducted in collaboration with partners from Bulgaria, Albania, Macedonia, Poland and Hungary.

Within the project, at this moment, all included partner countries have started the research on young people’s attitudes to solidarity and humanity with others. At least 6,000 of young people, will take participation in the Quiz with the subject of solidarity, together with Focus groups which will be organized within the project.

In Serbia we organized in November the first Focus group which were consisted of 12 young people. We were interested in that how young people see crisis, poverty, who are vulnerable groups in Serbia in their opinion and what is the cause of all this things. In the first place we were interested in the youth opinion related to the notion of solidarity and with which things they associate the notion of solidarity, which charity actions they would join or organize. We have heard a lot of interesting answers and opinions of young people which have shown us that they understand very well the notion of solidarity and that they are ready to help other in difficult situations.

We will continue this research on the youth attitudes of the subject of solidarity via online Quiz which is available for all young people in Serbia, they can fulfil it on the next link:

The website of the project and the details of all project activities are available at:

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