Belgrade, 7th March, At the occasion of the celebrating of 10 Years Anniversary this year, under the slogan „Celebrating Solidarity“, The Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation organized the round table on which the representatives of the humanitarian organizations and humanitarian individuals tried to find answers at the question if solidarity exists in Serbia and how much the role of the individuals is important to motivate other people to solidarity.

The president of the board of the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation, Ana Divac,  underlined that this kind of engagement gives her the opportunity to live in more beautiful way.

- When I know that we have had the collaboration with more than 670 companies and 650.000 people have join with us, it is clear that the solidarity exists. The biggest wish of Vlade and me was to help but also to inspire people to activate. The Life passes quickly and on the other world we do not wear anything, but it is important how we live it. It makes a big difference. And that is what gives me the peace. To leave our children in a world where good people live. Unfortunately, these people are not sufficiently promoted. It is necessary to give more attention to these people and be aware that they are still in the majority.

The president of the humanitarian foundation “Be human- Aleksandar Sapic“, Aleksandar Sapic  said that some actions from „behind the scene“ were bothering him at the beginning of his humanitarian work and was calling in question the sincerity of the desire to help.

- However, we managed to expel, and I think in the last few years the situation has improved. - Šapić said, adding that so far 700 thousand people participated in the actions of the Foundation, 2.5 million were raised for necessary medical treatment of 100 sick children.

That the situation in Serbia when it comes to humanitarian work is still at the beginning confirmed the President of the Board of the Fund B92, Veran Matic.

- According to global research of the organizations Charity Aid Serbia has been located for years at the bottom among 140 countries. In 2016, we were at 135th place. In order to remedy this situation, it is necessary to solve this problem systematically. Not to underestimate the humanitarian work, but to affirm it in order to activate people.

It is possible to be in solidarity as an individual, showed Milorad Jurkovic, known as Mile Stolar, who has made and donated so far nearly a thousand baby chair. To this action he was motivated by rage.

-When I saw the prices in the shops, I got mad and decided that I do and donate chair. I posted it on Facebook and it crashed of the asks, and now there are no less than 150 orders. Despite a lot of work this activity relaxes me. Thanks Divac Foundation, which gave me a machine for wood, it goes much faster now - said Mile which is in his charity work helped by children and friends.

During 2017, through the project "Celebrating solidarity", supported by the European Union through the program Europe for Citizens, in order to promote solidarity and good examples of it, the Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac will organize various events such as exhibitions, performances, debates, and voluntary actions etc., in order to encourage citizens to solidarity and support someone in need from their environment.

Foundation Ana and Vlade Divac was established in 2007 as an extension of twenty years of humanitarian work of Ana and Vlade Divac started in the United States. In the past 10 years, the Foundation thanks to numerous donors, individuals, companies and organizations collected $ 12.5 million and helped more than 600,000 people. The Foundation have provided the housing units for more than 700 families, and supported the same number of small family businesses and farms. In addition, the Foundation has recently renewed and equipped more than 90 public buildings (kindergartens, schools, sports facilities, hospitals, and reception centers for asylum) and supported 450 youth initiatives in Serbia.

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