Media breakfast within "Help on the route" network

Belgrade, November 28, 2017. Within the Help on The Route network, a meeting with the representatives of national and local media houses was organized to inform them about the activities of the network and the current status of migrants staying in Serbia and Macedonia. 


Working with local communities and awareness raising and respecting diversity in society are still areas that need to be addressed. Media play an important role in this process, and reporting methods and media content can influence the awareness of the population, especially the local communities affected by the migrant crisis.


There were 20 representatives of media and representatives of CSOs, network members at this event (Radio Beograd, RTS, Tanjug, Kopernikus, Frankfurtske vesti, Blic, Politika, Danas..)

TV Feature - National Television RTS

Ovaj sajt koristi kolačiće. Ukoliko nastavite sa korišćenjem ovog sajta, saglasni ste sa našom upotrebom kolačića. Politika privatnosti