Workshop for CSOs from Zlatibor County: "Sustainable Development at the Local Level"  ​

The training for local CSOs from Zlatibor County named: “Sustainable Development at the Local Level” was designed to introduce the topic of sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the Agenda 2030 to the public of the Zlatibor County. The training-workshop took place on June 15 2020.

The overall goal of the training is the promotion of Agenda 2030 and affirmation of dialogue on SDGs among the local CSOs in the Zlatibor County (City of Uzice and municipalities Priboj and Pozega). The specific goals of the training are raising awareness on SDGs with 13 participants (9 CSOs - Užički centar za ljudska prava i demokratiju; Ženski centar Užice; Užički centar za prava deteta; Udruženje žena Zlakušanke; Udruženje Forum civilne akcije - Forca, Udruženje žena Sačuvajmo selo Priboj; Planinarsko društvo Ljeskovac Priboj, Planinarsko društvo Rujan, Uzice, PULS, Zlatibor).

The members of the training team were Mrs. Maja Vranic (AVD), Ms. Bojana Jevtovic (AVD) and  Mr. Miodrag Bogdanovic (AVD). During the first training session the training team was accompanied by Mrs. Aleksandra Petrovic and Mr. Ozren Runic from the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Serbia.

The training approach was based on principles of adult learning with a focus on peer review during all the steps of planning, organizing, and conducting a training/learning event. The course models a variety of effective training methodologies, including demonstration, practice, discussion, brain‐storming, case studies, role play, games, and presentation. The process of delivery of training included plenary sessions, group work exercises, group discussions, and review sessions.

The participants were interested in the different aspects of Agenda 2030 and particularly in Social Pillar respective SDGs. They provided a comprehensive and very realistic input from the local point of view, and developed a set of recommendations for local sustainable development plans in their respective municipalities, aligned with the Agenda 2030 and SDG related to Social Pillar, during the final phase of the training.


The training program was conducted successfully and all the participants took an active part in all the training sessions. Agenda 2030 and SDGs as a concept were the topics that the participants didn’t know about before the training and after the training, they could explain the topics. Divac Foundation suggests that the work of the participants should be continued, and monitored by representatives of project managers and experts for any improvements and there should be specific follow-up by the project manager.

Based on the feedback, participants provided during this one-day training, the responsiveness, and commitment they shown, but also based and the overall impression, the Divac Foundation team will select 5 CSOs to include in the second stage of the process and help them to improve their capacities and empower local civil society to push forward local SDGs goals and raise awareness on SDG priorities. 

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