CALL FOR GRANTING AND TRAINING for strengthening capacities of CSOs providing assistance in migrant’s human rights in Serbia and Macedonia

The Programme aims to improve the efficiency of work of the 20 local CSOs providing assistance to migrants, since, as working directly with them, they are in a perfect position to identify, possibly document and independently report on the human rights violations, and/or to assist in protection of their human rights. The capacities of the organizations will be developed to enable them to competently handle the situations of violations of migrants’ human rights, to spot, record and report on the violations, to provide basic administrative, legal and logistic support to migrants whose human rights have been violated, and to use the quick response mechanism provided by the Help on the route network that will initially be set up by project coordinator and partners. In order to facilitate the 20 CSOs operations, financial support will be provided during the course of this action, and in order to ensure their sustainability in follow up to this action.

We are inviting civil society organisations (CSOs) to submit Application Forms related to different aspects of provision of assistance to migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.


The Call is opened until 21 April 2017, for all CSOs from Serbia and Macedonia

More information about conditions for applying can be found in Guidelines for applicants with accompanying annexes at webpage’s:


Organisations with successful Applications will participate in the Programme aimed to strengthen capacities of 20 local CSOs (15 from Serbia and 5 from Macedonia) in protecting migrants’ human rights - through 5-day training and through financial support, following a public call and upon selection of the 20 organizations.

More information about conditions for applying can be found in following documents:

Grant and Training Programme - Strengthening capacities of CSOs providing assistance in migrants human rights, is funded under the Action “HELP ON THE ROUTE- Fostering protection of human rights of migrants passing through Macedonia and Serbia” - reference number 2015/370-487, funded by the European Union as part of the European Instrument for democracy and human rights (EIDHR, Global call 2015). The Action lasts for two years (2016-2018) and it is coordinated by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation from Serbia. Project partners are: Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund Deutschland - ASB, Macedonian Helsinki Committee - MHC (Macedonia), and Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre - NSHC (Serbia).

Questions and Answers on Grant and Training Programme 

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