The Map of Humanity brings together entrepreneurs from Novi Sad who are giving their goods or services for voulnerable fellow citizens. Novi Sad is the only city that has its own Map of Humanity.

Map of Humanity of Novi Sad presented - Entrepreneurs Help Vulnerable and Marginalized Fellow Citizens

Novi Sad, June 29 2021 - Map of Humanity of Novi Sad - an Internet platform that brings together Novi Sad entrepreneurs who help poor and vulnerable citizens, giving them part of their goods or services - was presented today to journalists in Novi Sad, as part of the five-day Philanthropy Festival. On this platform, there are entrepreneurs of various profiles who donate food, drinks, transportation services, hygienic as well as health and psychological support services on a monthly basis or give their space for use to Novi Sad citizens who are homeless or at increased risk of poverty.

The map of Humanity of Novi Sad was created by the Citizens Association "Patrija", whose focus is to provide assistance to socially endangered fellow citizens, but also to nurture and encourage a culture of giving.

"Novi Sad is the only city that has its own map of humanity and we should all be proud of that. We thank all the entrepreneurs who are part of the Map of Humanity of Novi Sad and invite others to join. Even the smallest donation is great support ", said Dragana Nešin from the Patrija Association and explained that it is easier to help the endangered if there are many of us who can give a little. She also called the citizens of Novi Sad to look at who the entrepreneurs who are part of the Map of Humanity and to support them by buying goods or services from them, and thus get involved in this chain of giving and helping.

At the panel discussion organized on the occasion of the presentation of the Map of Humanity, it was said that the greater involvement of the community in humanitarian actions is very important, as well as media promotion of philanthropic actions and charities, to help marginalized citizens who are part of our community and must rely on it.

The Map of Humanity of Novi Sad can be found at

The Map of Humanity of Novi Sad has been developed by the Citizens Association "Patrija" as part of the Framework for Giving project funded by USAID and implemented by the Coalition for Giving led by the Ana and Vlade Divac Foundation. Other Coalition members include the Trag Foundation, Catalyst Balkans, SMART Kolektiv, the Serbian Philanthropy Forum, the Responsible Business Forum, and the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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